Golf Steady, Inc : The Company

Golf Steady is a Los Angeles based company with the goal of making the golf experience more enjoyable.  Golf Steady makes a product called Track Notes—a DO-IT-YOURSELF yardage book for the avid golfer (Featured in Golf Digest : New Stuff).  •  Track Notes from Golf Steady was created with the idea that there’s a better way to play a course that has never been played. Heck, even the pros get to map out the course and study the greens before their tournaments.  Why can’t the avid golfer? • So GolfSteady, Inc. developed a system to help you map out any course and give you the type of local knowledge that will allow you to play the best round possible. We’ve also given you an easy way to help you map the greens, take detailed notes and chart your round for future reference.  There’s even a genuine leather Track Notes Cover available.