We’ve all heard of the practice range pro.  Sure—you crank a driver 285-yards straight down the middle.  But it takes you fifteen swings to get there. Well, in real golf, you only get one swing.  And with a small crowd watching for that added bit of pressure.


That’s why GolfSteady’s PRACTICE was developed. We wanted you to practice with a purpose. The goal here is to practice the shots you would typically need to play each hole at a specific course. Then eventually we want you to create a library of practice cards that you can refer to on the range that mirrors the courses you frequently or infrequently play.  So you’re not just hitting balls at the range.  You are actually playing one club at a time with a specific shot in mind at a specific course in mind.


Below is a sample hole.  Also note, we do create custom PRACTICE books for tournaments—just throwing that out there for those wondering. After all, PRACTICE is one of the four Tournament Books.