How it Works: Track Notes

How often do we go on a golf vacation or even visit a new course without knowing anything about it? And no matter how good your swing is, there are shots you are going to miss because you lack local knowledge.


Well, Track Notes from Golf Steady is about to change that. Now you can figure out your Game Plan and know exactly where to place the ball and what club to use. Using our DIY yardage book you can plot how far you want to drive the ball. If you want to layup. How the greens break. And you can track your performance thru 4 rounds of golf.  You can also use Track Notes to mark your dispersion patterns off the tee and chart how well you are striking and shaping the ball.



1.  The first thing to do is download Google Earth Pro (Free golf apps work too).  This app can search any golf course and has a measuring tool to give you accurate yardage.

2.  Then using the mapping function you can plot where you want to drive the ball. What the best approach angle is. The hazards and obstacles you face. And then map out your game plan. Just like professionals do with their yardage books.  And best of all, it’s tailored to your individual game.

3.  Again, we encourage you to talk to the head pro for any other local knowledge he or she may impart.  THAT’S IT!



1.  The best thing to do is go to the course and play a practice round. Make sure you bring your laser range finder to plot distance of obstacles.

2.  Talk to the course pro.  He/She will let you know if there are any local rules to follow.  (Breaks towards ocean, away from mountains, etc.)



Plan. Practice. Perform.





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